Bài tập với ‘as long as’, ‘if’, ‘unless’ và ‘provided’

1. This time in six months I’ll be at university unless/if I decide to take a year off first.

2. You can watch the film as long as/unless you promise to go straight to bed when it finishes.

3. Let’s go to Mirabella’s tonight unless/if you haven’t been there before.

4. Unless/As long as I’ve still got my health, I don’t mind how poor I am!

5. Do what you like provided/unless you don’t make any noise.

6. I’ll be there at six unless/as long as I get delayed.

7. As long as/unless I’m happy, my parents don’t care what job I do.

8. We’ll have to cancel the show unless/if we sell more tickets at the last minute.

9. You can play in the living room as long as/unless you don’t make a mess.

10. They may do whatever they like provided (that)/unless it is within the law.

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